What is life? – 1

Life is a dash!

A family gathers at the grave of their loved departed.
The epitaph reads “Gone too soon!”
On the tombstone is engraved two dates with a dash in between
1941-2013 In between when he was born and died lies a dash!
Life is that dash!
All the twists, turns, highs and lows, aptly captured as a dash!
Where are you coming from, and where are you dashing to?
In your dash, who have you touched, and who has touched you?

What is life? – 2

Life is a Puzzle!

The 50 year old frustrated university professor, got the decision to become a lecturer from an 18yr old boy.
The 60 year old successful lawyer took counsel from a 17 year old to become!
The meritorious 65 year old nurse got guidance from a 14 year old.
Seems a puzzle doesn’t it? That little people run the world.
Well, the decision to become, was made when they were boys and girls.
They took counsel from themselves, when they couldn’t even have known.
Life is a puzzle, unclear from the start, unravels as your progress!
How are you decoding the big questions of life?
Are you bold enough to ask for help? Or would you rather keep fiddling?

What is life? – 3

Life is a vapour

The liquid is hot and boiling
The liquid is turning to vapor and leaving
The kettle whistles, the pot cover shakes, engines combust, cars move.
You hear it’s noise and feel it’s heat, but neither see nor hold
You can however by it’s effects trace it’s paths
The pressures of daily living give life it’s expressions
The vapor transcends it’s container!
Life – one moment here, another moment gone!
You can’t tie the day with a rope to hold it down!
I will do it later, can be as close as 1 min, or as far as 50 years.
What effect is your life having? What is your vapor moving?
Our best messages are acted, not preached!